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Since 2014, Tr3fecta Media has helped non-profits and socially centered organizations increase their online and social presence. Black-Owned & Women-Led.

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Tr3fecta Media is a woman-owned, multi-faceted communication company that creates impactful and engaging experiences for socially conscious companies, organizations, and individuals.

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Need a refresher? Unsure how to incorporate digital organizing strategies and tactics. Use our training modules to refresh your skills or pinpoint successful outcomes that you can apply to your own existing skills. 

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Move forward to gain success and substantial results. On target, profitable, and engaging communication services that are built for every budget and organization needs.

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A new take on an old charge--voting rights.  Our new white paper created in collaboration with ProGeorgia outlines the challenges faced during the 2020 election and runoff in Georgia. 

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Georgia x Voting Rights

Tr3fecta Media tell impact stories, highlight the work on the ground, raise money, build sustainable programs, and what’s more -- we do it quickly and cost-effectively. We know that tomorrow belongs to brands that craft smart, influential, and compelling presences -- and we help organizations succeed on that path. 

While misinformation is false information, disinformation is purposely false info that is used with malign intent. Important to understand the distinction.

Our disinformation tip sheet breaks down the bombardment of false information into practical soundbites and understandable formats.

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